Hey Lovelies??? Today is Fashion Friday and you know what that means?? It is Fashion topics and Fashion talks. So Today  I felt the need to celebrate one of our very own Fashion Designers and bloggers who has amazing designs and comes with the most unique styling combinations.


Peninah Thiongo is a talented designer whose designer are not short of unique and the difference between her and any other designer is that she truly thinks out of the box. Truth be told I feel that she has excellent taste and creativity as her cherry in everything she creates.

The feature I wanted to share with you guys is the recent blog she did on the 3 Day style Challenge and she has already done day one and I must say she looks fabulous!!!


Check out her blog on some of the pieces she has done on the link below.

find her on insagram @my_selah

Facebook : Ninah Waithera

That’s it from us the Urbanitte team especially me the Fashion lover!! Have a fantastic weekend and remember to always remain Fashion Fabulous!!

Live. Laugh. Love



Hello awesome people!!! Its Friday again and you know what that means??? Its Fashion Friday!! So today I would like to talk about our faces. Strange I know, but read on to see a couple of things you would find amazing about our faces.

The face is the only part of the body that is hardly covered. This is important to identify with because it means it is the part of the body that is exposed to almost every element in our environment- The sun, the rain, wind, dust, sweat, exhaust fumes etc. I mean it must be the dirtiest part of our bodies and it is the first part that tends to age faster due to this exposure.

The face is also the first thing we see about you and the first feature someone will use to prejudge you on your mood. personality and the who you are as a person. that is why we have statements like “Why are you upset?”and yet you aren’t and wondering where that statement came from. So your face tells us a lot about who you are.

Today I would like to talk about the shape of your face. Many times we think we have a round face or long face being the most common description of all faces. This piece of information may help you know what cuts and hairstyles are best for you, the kind of jewelry that would magnify your beautiful essence and all that stuff. So we can get right into the cool stuff!!

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hello lovelies!!!! I hope your day is coming along well, despite the cold and your week was good. TGIF!!! I have a friend whose favorite day of the week is Friday!!! Not saying its you Joy (Eye emoji).

SO today I would like to talk about the man purse also known as the MURSE. It is a new trend altogether and we have famous celebrities who wear them and defend them such as Indiana Jones. There is a lot of skeptical people who are yet to embrace the fact that a man may soon gracing our streets with purses.

I know what you are thinking, How is this possible?? Why do they need the purse anyway? They do not need to carry makeup and stuff….or do they????

Well men today need to carry a lot more things than the man of a few decades ago. With increasing interest and health awareness they may need to carry water bottles, or documents and the likes. Murses have not been that uncommon it is just that  as any new trend, acceptance takes time.

So we have a variety of Murses and most are so common, they just have a girly name to it.

There are a couple of Murses I will highlight which are very common;

  1. The Satchel/ Cross-bag

This is a regular bag that is mostly used by college students who have to carry books to class and the likes. They are small in size but can have a range of sizes depending on the use and need.



2. The single strap bag

This is a bag with a single strap (Duh). They come in handy when you need to travel and require a few things. It is advisable not to overload with heavy objects are their asymmetrical design , They can overwhelm one shoulder.


3. The back pack/ Laptop bag

They are specially designed to carry heavy objects such as a laptop and the likes. They are handy as they have a bigger space to carry more things as opposed to the satchel.

4. The hand-bag.

So this one looks like a modern day suit case which men can carry a lot of things such as documents, they can choose to travel with them. They are the most official of all the bags and can be a bit pricey but a worthwhile investment.


There you have it people. Check out more bags on for a lot more bags. Wearing one does not reduce your manliness in any way.

That’s it from me. Enjoy life. Like Comment Share. Tell us what you think and what you need clarification on and what you may like featured.

Live. Laugh. Love!!!


The Urban-man Dress Code

Hello my awesome people. Happy new month!!! The second week of  July is here and the weather is playing hide and seek games but I am not complaining at all!!! Zero chills-literally. So today we are solely featuring dress codes that can be adopted by young men and how they can look very very well dressed using these few tips.

I am looking to focus on the smart casual and the casual dress code which has been adopted recently by the changing millennial trends and is being accepted in the office setting and slowly being accepted as formal wear as well.

What is the difference between casual and smart casual?

Casual wear is basically informal wear. This includes T-shirts, polo shirts, khaki pants, anything in jeans, anything in corduroy, and anything linen…basically anything that excludes the suit –like fabrics.

Smart casual is basically a millennial trend that incorporates both the casual aspect of dressing with the absolute formal dress code that includes suits and collar shirts that have that crisp look.

How do we do this?

Pulling off this look cannot be completely easy as not everything can blend in to have the smart casual look. For example, you cannot wear a hoodie and khaki pants with official leather shoes. That would constitute a whole wardrobe malfunction!! Indefinitely.

So this look can only be pulled off with the following articles:

  •  Sweaters both full sleeve and sleeve-less,
  • Blazers,
  •  A coat,
  • A jacket,
  • Collared shirts-could be regular winged collar or the mandarin which is a collar with the slight extension raising from the neck.
  • Suiting pants (Pants made from regular suit fabric)
  • Khaki pants.
  • Denim (Jeans ranging from black to dark shades of blue)
  • Loafers
  • Oxford shoes
  • Ties
  • Scarfs
  • Boots
  • Official leather shoes

And all those things that resemble such articles because we do not want to look off.

So I will give you a few pictures of what we are talking about as smart casual.


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Hello lovelies!! I hope you had a fantastic week and the weekend is here!! (Celebrations and confetti). The weather might not be so warm but there’s nothing a hot cup of coco cannot do, right???

So today I would like to talk about this designer by the name Meshach Juma. I conducted an interview with him and he had quite a lot to talk about especially concerning what he does for a living.


The brand name and company name of Juma is Jumzito. He does hand cards and E cards for a living. Hand cards are the regular cards we would find in any stores that have a variety of messages from 1st Birthday to Happy Anniversary. E- cards are actually electronic cards which are generated or created using a computer software and sent to whomever the client is via whatever agreed medium whats app, e-mail etc.

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Hello beautiful people! Today is Friday! Hip hip Hoorah! Anyway back to business. Today I will introduce you to a new designer whom I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing him for four years now!

Kevin Muraguri Githua also known as Smiles is a young talented fashion designer who is also a graphic designer. His main edge in the fashion market today is basically integration of CAD also known as Computer Aided Design into fashion. What does this mean? It is basically drawing on the computer and designing clothes,shoes and accessories on the computer to get a better view of what the actual piece would look like before production.

I was privilaged to interview him concerning what he does and you would be very intrested that such a young man can be creative and know how to introduce the creativity into the fashion market in Kenya. Currently, we have very few fashion illustrators in Kenya and those who are pressent do fashion as a side hobby not as a main career outlook.

What inspires you as a designer in the current fashion industry in Kenya?

What inspires me is other pre-existing designs that I want to illustrate and make them look better as well as just basic nature!

Why Fashion? What made you choose Fashion as opposed to other industries?

Hmm….at first I just thought of the fancy life in fashion shows and such and that’s what made me choose fashion. also the fact that i love being dressed well.

What part of fashion do you do? And how did you come about doing it?

Mine is more of illustration and design which involves creating a good visual appearance to garments an alternative to photography. I am also able to create my own designs as well as corporate designs like uniforms and such.

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Hello beautiful people!!! I am fully aware that the day is super cold ( Geez PMS-ing weather) but it’s all good you know. So this Fashion Friday I will be featuring our very own local designer who is excellent in her work.

Her name is Mercy Musyoka and she is as fashionable as she can get ( Most fashionable in our design school class). Mercy, like us at Fashion Friday puts F on Fabulous and S in  Stunning with all her designs! You would be very impressed and not mistake her on the streets anything less that a fashion designer.

I’m sure she has a story that she started doing design when she was a kid and always knew that cutting up fabric in order to make clothes for her dolls was how she spend her childhood days. ( Okay, I literally did that when I was young so creating stuff is literally my thing-any who). the bottom line is that she is a great designer and her future is looking as excellent as her style usually is.

Mercy’s major passion is in red carpet designs , yes she is fabulous as it can get. She majors in all designs for all occasions:

-Weddings : this is inclusive of all bridal wear especially brides maid outfits and grooms men shirts especially if custom made to escape the monotony of regular shirts.

-Everyday casual wear:  This is both for men and women especially African print is a major favorite. this includes shirts,t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, coats and all the crazy designs you see online and think you can rock them.

-Office wear: This is for the working class who do not necessarily like  the normality and boringness of office wear. Mercy can add that edge to your look to get heads turning and complements flowing.

For Mercy Musyoka, she wants the world to know that Kenya is not behind in the Fashion Industry, that she is ready to dress Kenya in her latest styles and cuts to make you look spontaneous, stylish and ready to face the world. After all clothing is equal to second skin!

Mercy does not fly low ( Oh yes),she has the opportunity to design for the current Miss Kenyatta University, great music personalities such as STL among others whom I am sure are big shots. So this is clearly a girl on the run to success people.

Some of her designs are below and you can see what she is capable of.

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