She is finally here! 23. Not that I’d waited for her, but the fact that she is the only one i will experience makes it exciting. Truly, we have come a long way. When I say we, I mean God and I, because without Him, honestly I don’t know where I’d be.

Each year this far has been special. Each of them had special highlights, but I think 22 was the greatest one yet. I learnt to appreciate the little things, the perfect  moments, the crazy times and even the mistakes that I made, and believe me they were many. I let my heart love, and sometimes I think it was a reckless way to love, but it was the most beautiful way I have ever loved.

friends-quotes-imagesI met people who made my life beautiful in ways I can’t explain. Some who have no idea that they coloured my days and others whom I look at and just think they were answers to prayers made.

I laughed and cried. There were some beautiful moments. Those that made me just look up and smile at God. Then there were the sad ones that not only made me cry, but weep like a little girl. Each of them perfect in their own way.

Songs I fell in love with: O come to the altar – Elevation worship, Victory belongs to Jesus – Todd Dulaney, Holy is Our God – James Fortune & FIYA, Fresh Oil, New Wine – Brandon Robertson, You made a way – Travis Greene.

bibleThese songs have been a wonderful reminder of what it means to be God’s child. Not all days are the best, but all days are important. Every one of them has a special purpose and that makes life worth every second.

People who made an impact (from this day last year): Kiko, Tess, Jeff, Advocate Omware, Stephanie, Vision,  Namesake Wangare, Fidel, Pato, Frank, Flojo, Mwiks, Philip, Bethel, Kaiza, Pastor Tim, Lazarus the Musical, Kunta, Mojo, Aseto, The In-formed, Fiona, Kinoti, Master Timothy, Njeru, le sibling, my mum and my dad, I mean this list could go on and on and on. Thank you all. For the kind words, for the hugs, for the rebuke, the reality checks, your care, and the wonderful moments shared together. May God continue to bless you and show you favour.

What I accomplished: I graduated law school and joined Kenya School of Law. I finally learnt how to bake and bake well. I got my driver’s licence. I finally learnt to cut off bad things from my life (still a journey though). I got to know who my real friends are and I learnt that I value family more than I thought. I co-directed a play and performed my first musical. I joined a band (briefly) and learnt to let go and let God. I learnt that I can love with such great passion and I finally went for CATCH Camp. I learnt what it means to step out of the way and to be an instrument used of God, but most of all, I learnt who I truly am. The good, the bad and the ugly, and I love all of me.

Goals for 2017: I actually have just 2. To learn how to spend money wisely and the most important, to listen to what God has to say about every aspect of my life.

22 was a wonderful year and I can’t wait to see what 23 has in store for me. I’m one of those people who love to grow up. Not because life is perfect, but because each step has its own intricacies and I have learnt that life is a beautiful gift. No matter where you are in your life, your past does not matter. A quote I stumbled upon describes this perfectly.

“One day or day one. You decide.”

Cheers to another year!

                                          ~ PERFECT MEMORIES ~



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