On the chess board i played on…

Am playing on but they preying on..

My melody like a felony..

On the pin board,  read my mood board.
Open up or add up, wish i could take me a scan.

That’s the deal i heard.

I do me en that’s me…

Mind you get yo meal card.


Mirror me thats a concern….

On my trash can am no copy cat….

On the field am the new cop art..

Got so plain thats demeaning.. whoop.


Got so artistic, they think its possessive.

Progressive or just obsessive.

Been joining dots,  see they made me a line.

Building on… Bricks don’t lie.


Made the bricks using the bricks…

Thats zero tricks

Am taking turn to throw the dice.

6 counts that’s 6 facets.


Always chasing, just to nurse the sense.

Gat the bold dont use the lense

You do cold i do black….


White is just a hue….

Am black,  that’s the stain.

Like Black-jack check the brand.

Met several suckers,  they cold blood.


Made a legal hacker u should know now.

U snoozed to loose, could use the clues.

Tik and tak….  Time is all i gat.

#Van Dr



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