I sat on top of the hill just to catch some breeze.

Only realized the world is a bigger view.

….. Misunderstood… For all these points of view…

Maybe thats why we all caught up in interviews,

Tryna prove what we already view.

Sophistication might fool, but we already new.


Where is the art that makes the world a mystery??

Or is it the history that repeats the mystery??

Am tryna cut shit…. So rub this…

Bring something new.. So dont be done in a few.

Had a bigger picture,  am still making the slides.

Fell in love with the paint for the answers are smudged.

So i stil patient,  hold on the caption.

work a better resolution so you could add up some pixels.
Born in slavery,  so they gave us:

No perfume,

Worked many senses just to catch the scent,

Bitter herbs but i dint lose taste,

Bitter lemons bt i squeezed me sm juice.

Found remedies,  i feel endured.

Singing to the melody… So full of answers.

Like he said… *Take a trip to NASA*

Its not a prank hata ikaitwa NASWAWhatsApp-Image-20160608

Featured artist


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