It all started when she was 14 years old. She met this boy who told her she was beautiful. That was the day everything went wrong.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what could possibly go wrong in a little girl’s life at the age of 14, and some of you are breaking inside because you understand what it means.

I remember it like it was yesterday. When he sat down next to me and almost wept. When he told me that he was flunking school because his parents were getting a divorce and he couldn’t handle it.

Some of you don’t understand the fuss. You’ve lived in broken homes your whole life and you feel like a divorce is the best thing that could happen to your parents.

Others can’t relate because you’ve lived in a home that’s not perfect, but your parents have always been around. For those that know the struggle of divorcing parents, this may be a reminder of the pain that you went through when you found out.

“Dad how could you? How many times do I have to remind you that Matty is only 6 years old? You can’t keep bringing random women into the house and leaving your porn DVDs in the living room.”

“Why can’t you just act like a grown up? Like a parent?”

I know some of you these word have crossed your mind if not left your mouth. There are days you have felt that you’re the parent to your mum or dad and that angers you. You’ve had to grow up being the adult. You’ve always had to make the right decisions.

There is no room for mistakes because you’re carrying your family’s world on your shoulders. On the other hand, some of you don’t understand what kind of parent would act like a little child and expect their child to be the grown up.

Dad I don’t want to do this course anymore. I’ve always wanted to be an actor. Why can’t you just support me? That was 2 years ago. Before he overdosed on cocaine.

He was taking an engineering course and he was depressed. He told his parents multiple times but they didn’t listen. They were more concerned about what their friends would think if he didn’t pursue a respected profession.

For some of you this is your life story. Your parents forced you to do a course or marry someone you didn’t want. Today, you are miserable.

You know that you have more to offer the world, but there are things holding you back from stepping out of that box. Fear of the consequences, fear that you may fail because maybe your parents didn’t think you were good enough and so they chose something else for you. Or maybe you’re the one that was allowed to make your own choices in life.

I remember when the year started. I was at that point where I wanted to write something meaningful, I needed to write something meaningful. I was tired of having nothing more to offer than a voice to unexpressed emotions.

I wanted to feel like I was making a contribution. However, a lot of people seemed to appreciate my writing. Some felt like it gave them a voice. Others were able to find words to explain their feelings. And occasionally I will do that.

I will put up pieces that are emotional, that tell of a story or that simply allows me to put down the thoughts that perambulate in my brain at odd hours. However, today I am here to tell a different narrative.

I’ve been an observer and a listener my whole life. I have seen and heard the stories of broken families and hurting children. I’ve been an observer for too long and now it’s time to speak out.

A lot of people may say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I hope you won’t dismiss what you read. Give it a thought. Give your comments. At the end of the day it is a learning opportunity. And if you have a story to tell, feel free to share it and maybe, just maybe, you may change someone’s life.

                                        ~ Two sides of a coin ~


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