The Best Free Office Alternative

In this day and age, documents are an everyday thing. Whether it’s a word document, a spreadsheet or a power point presentation, these have become necessities, especially for those in the business world.

And when we think Office Suite, we think Microsoft. But that does not come cheap. It starts out from at least KSh. 12,000 one time fee (basic office package, 1 user), or  KSh. 7,000 annually (office +1 TB of online storage, 1 user).

This means that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if you are a student on a very tight budget, or a budding entrepreneur looking to cut costs where possible.

The problem is that most of the free alternatives are quite lacklustre, often with a user interface that seems stuck in the early 2000s (2001-2003). And that isn’t a compliment by any standard.

This knocks out what has been the most popular free Office suites for a long while now:

  1. LibreOffice
  2. OpenOffice

“So, what next?” You might be asking….

WPS Office!

This is a free office suite that comes packed with the latest features, as well as the mordern ribbon UI available that is available in the most recent MS Office suites.


WPS Office offers the standard office software: WPS Writers (Word documents), WPS Spreadsheets and WPS Presentation (for powerpoints).


  1. Has a free offering, in addition to the option of a paid subscription.
  2. Fast (Less resource intensive)
  3. Can open multiple documents in one window, each with its own tab like in a browser.
  4. Support a wide range of documents, including the common Microsoft Office extensions e.g. .docx
  5. Supports cloud storage (1GB Free)
  6. Is also available on Android and iOS, for both tablets and smartphones
  7. Supports Windows and Linux.

You can also….

Get the premium version, which is only KSh. 300 per month/ KSh. 2,000 annually  (up to 5 devices). Or even KSh. 5,000 one-time payment (1 PC). This in itself is also a saving.

My thoughts

I’ve been using WPS office for a while now and I must say that it actually quite nice. It comes with everything you would expect from Microsoft Office. It’s also very smooth and fast, especially when it comes to loading compared to Microsoft Office.

What’s more, I love the UI and the additional features that it packs like tabbed windows, which make it an awesome software experience as a whole.

I’ve found it to be sufficient as a replacement to Microsoft Office 2016, which I was using before. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of an office suite.

Rating: 10/10 

In case you are interested in trying WPS Office out:


Official website: Download link


That’s it from me and I hope this helped you out, if this is what you were looking for!


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