Mashed Potatoes

Hello Internet, it seems that October is drawing to a close and it is about time for the rains to come in… I decided that I’ll write about Comfort food or food to keep you cozy as we enter the short rains season. Also, if you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, this one is definitely for your granny!I have an affair with fries, but sometimes they are just too much work to make them as crunchy or as often as I would like. Instead of giving up and walking to the local chips shop, I make Mash.


So, what makes mash really good? The texture. A good Mash is consistent, creamy, and perfectly salted.

How do we achieve consistency?

  1. Cut all the peeled potatoes into a consistent shape and size prior to boiling. So, halves, or quarters, or rings (if you have the time),
  2. Ensure all the potatoes go into boiling water at the same time and cook for roughly 15minutes,
  3. Keep the lid on – Convection is your friend considering the method of cooking is boiling.

How do I make my mash Creamy?

  1. Warm Milk (or Cream (NOT WHIPPING!)) & Butter (amounts vary based on how many potatoes you use) and add to your already boiled and drained potatoes prior to mashing,
  2. Mash and Keep Mashing!
  3. You can cheat and puree your potatoes (but, its not super easy to clean your blender after this).

Mash-test Dummies.

How do I make sure it’s Perfectly Salted?

  1. This is basic math – and you should try this for your meals; Find 1% of the weight of the food you want to cook, add that much salt,
  2. If you’re too lazy to do math and weigh, add salt to the water until you can taste the salt once it has dissolved. (Note: the salt shouldn’t be so sharp tasting – just enough to feel that there is salt in the water).

Anymore tips Mr. Dreadlocked Chef?

Yes I’ve got a few;

  1. Use herbs in the cream/milk & butter mixture. A great addition would be Fresh Parsley or Thyme,
  2. Caramelize some onions to create an alternative texture and add a little sweetness to the Mash, then once its pounded, add to the mash in layers,
  3. Add a few cracks of black pepper,
  4. Get Cheesy (add Cheese) and use more than one kind of cheese, because we don’t like basic.


That’s it for me, till the next one 😉

Keep it Tasty.



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