Hello lovelies!! Today is Friday and you know what that means??? It’s all things Fashion. I personally had a long week and quite frankly I am glad the weekend is here- time for some R & R, you know what I mean? Yes so let’s get on to it!

Today I want to talk to the guys, yes men- you need to be catered for as well and I am sure today’s read will be an eye opener for you to look extra great! So the broken suit. What is it? Why wear it? You may ask these questions.

The suit was widely embraced in the 19th Century but it’s origin are traced back to the 17th Century where King Charles II was the custodian of this invention. Yes, kings and queens are the people who founded and catapulted designs of fashion before the Industrial revolution. You can read widely about the suit in the link below:

Origin of the Broken Suits

Up until the industrial revolution suits were hand tailored and only the elite could afford such work of art. The broken suit became a trend in the 40’s up to date and the trend has been embraced more so now in 2016 as fashion has no definite style!

The broken suit is basically wearing a suit disregarding the rules of its adornment. Literally breaking the rules!

How can you wear the broken suit? I am about to give you six ways you can break a suit and still remain stylish.

  1. Break the suit using different shades.

A jacket and trouser combination in different shades of the same color – one muted, one brighter (dull and one brighter) can get you looking great for the day!


2. Break it up using different fabrics

You can have your trousers in normal suit- fabric and your jacket can have a rough texture of either wool, cotton, linen- you name it! The colors must agree or remain the same. (Don’t wear a red trouser with a green jacket of different fabrics!)


3. Break it up with pattern.

Different patterns can be used with a plain fabric. Striped of plaid jacket with plain pants or vice versa. It can also be Ankara  (African) jacket with plain pants, or vice versa.


4. Break it with a causal shirt

You can wear a full suit (Jacket and trousers) with a denim shirt or a regular T-shirt, khaki shirt. Yo have to be a little cautious with the visual balance and color balance. Avoid similar shades, contrast the pieces!


5. Break it with accessories

If you are the accessories kind of person you will love this style! You can break your suit by wearing different color jacket and another color of trousers say white and add a pocket square or a fancy pocket watch (Yes it’s 1920 again!) or a pair of sunglasses!


6. Break the entire suit and wear it all denim.

Denim suits might or might not work for everyone but if you are brave enough to try it, please go for it! Style has no fear.



There you have it from me Njoki your favorite Urbanitte Fashion Blogger. Try these suits and tell us what you think and post pictures about them! Have a fantastic weekend until next Friday!

Remember to Live. Love. Laugh!


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