Hello lovelies! It has been a month since I last posted. I have been busy (No ,seriously) trying to think of new content to put up so that we can have something new. Don’t worry, it is coming soon and I am sure you will love it. We are trying not to make the Fashion Friday blog monotonous and we are also trying to avoid copying what other fashion bloggers are doing, so let our creative juices flow!

This Friday I want to touch on Breast Cancer. We all know what this sad epidemic is doing to humanity but we must stay strong and fight. So I won’t dwell on statistics that women are the most affected but we have to acknowledge that there are also men who suffer from the disease.

Part of loving fashion is loving yourself and taking care of yourself. This means, exercise, eat well and have a healthy mental attitude.

  1. Exercise

This is sang over and over again but I want you to think about the benefits of working out. I am not saying you get a chisel shaped body (Though it is a favor you would be doing yourself if you worked towards one-lol) but ensure you are burning some calories! Cardio workouts rejuvenate cells and make you look and feel better.


2. Eat right

If you are like me, you probably love junk food as I do! Yum! But seriously, this processed food is not doing our cells justice. It is literally a GIGO kind of situation-Garbage In Garbage Out, a reap what you sow, a karma kind of situation. I figured at my age I do not want some serious illness like diabetes or heart problems-yes even skinny people get those. Do not be fooled you are exceptional, your cells literally grow or deteriorate according to what you eat. Pop that piece of pineapple or banana. Go for juice instead of soda. Try something people!!


3. Mental health

I know, staying stress free can be quite the challenge in this life. I mean, it’s traffic, a thousand things to do at work or school , house chores, meetings…blah, blah blah blah blah. It’s like the twenty first century was made to make us die out of stress-lol. So this is what you do, look for the one thing you did in your life that made you calm and at peace. It could be yoga (I know..its done inn Kenya) , it could be church activities, or lunch with your friends, a visit up country, music, hobbies whatever it is. You have to do these things or else you go nuts. Stress activates hormones that distress the cells of the body and make them live in unhealthy conditions. I could go on and on about it.


Fashion lovers, fashion enthusiast, fashion consumers, lets take care of ourselves because we owe it to ourselves to stay healthy. We don’t live as long as our great grandparents because we feed our bodies toxic stuff and expect to be healthy. Its like begging in the streets expecting to get rich.

That’s it from me, enjoy life. It is way to short so get up, smell the roses (coffee might not be that healthy either) and live to the fullest. Laughter is a cure to your body.

Live. Love.Laugh.

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