Rice – Most Popular Staple

Doesn’t matter if you’re African, Asian, or American. You must eat rice!! It’s a fact of life.

Happens to be Mama Dreadlocked chef’s favorite food. While reading about this, I learned that Rice or Oryza sativa has had an amazing history of cultivation, and all the rice we eat today is originally from China (surprise, everything’s from China nowadays])

All of the Rice

The main methods of cooking rice are either steaming or boiling or doing both. But lots of us mostly just fail and over cook the delicate grain. So, here are some tips on how to have the perfect rice… They won’t teach you this anywhere but Tasty Tuesday.

Tip 1

Always wash the rice. Even if it came in a packet from Nakumatt, WASH IT!! This eliminates the extra starch and makes it less sticky.

Tip 2

Soak your rice for at least 20 minutes.

Because you want to cook a saucepan of some awesome rice. THAT’S WHY!!

then dry it completely!!

Tip 3

Ensure the water you are boiling/steaming is already boiling hot. If it isn’t, you have a very good chance of getting super soggy rice – and some of it will be under cooked. Also, the water should taste slightly salty. The rice will absorb that salty water and give it that perfectly salted taste.

Tip 4

Add oil to the water, why? Because we want to activate the vitamins in the rice, as well as produce some individual grains of cooked rice.

Tip 5

Don’t watch it. Give it 14 minutes from start to finish. If you feel like there’s too much water, then drain and steam for another 2 minutes.


So, lets say you don’t want to eat the normal white rice, or you’re bored with the look/taste. here are a few things you can do to your rice.

  1. Toast some Whole Cumin with a little butter and then toss in the in the sauce pan before adding the boiling water
  2. Add some Turmeric or Saffron to your already boiling rice – for some color
  3. Chop some garlic, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, chilies, and fry them all together, until the garlic starts changing color, add your rice and toss for a few minutes, then add your boiling water.
Cumin + Rice




Saffron Rice


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Till next time Keep it Tasty!! 😉


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