Want to speed up your computer?

Remember when your computer was new and ran like butter? It’s too bad that most of are past the honeymoon phase with our PCs and they tend to slow down as we keep using them.

The cause for this is sometimes temporary, duplicate or junk files taking up extra memory. This includes old browser cookies and  registry files of programs uninstalled long ago. Perhaps your hard disk fills up mysteriously without you using up additional space.?

This probably has you wondering, “How do I get rid of these unwanted files that are using up my precious memory?”

Say hello to CCleaner.


CCleaner speeds up your PC by getting rid of these excess files. Just as simple as that. No behind-the-scenes tomfoolery or anything of the sort.

You can download it for Mac or Windows PC for free from here: CCleaner download.

If you need some help once you download it, here is a link for a Youtube Tutorial CCleaner.

It is also available here on the: Google Play Store (CCleaner), for Android phones, in case you’re looking to give your phone a boost.

GO ahead and give your PC a boost, especially if you’ve been using it for a while.

Be sure to share with your friends, as always, and I’ll see you with more next week.


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