It has been a While…

Hello Internet,

The Dreadlocked chef took a hiatus – but your Tuesdays are once again Tasty… So, today, I wanted to do something specialized for the guys/fellas. It’s a well known fact, men who cook and do it well, are definitely keepers. Because, we all know girls love to eat, but are afraid to get fat.

oh so true


Don’t panic – at all, If she likes you, she’ll try your cooking.






You wouldn’t want to ask a girl over and feed her like she’s body building. And if you over feed her, she’ll just feel sleepy and want to leave soon after. So, a simple dish that’s done properly. Keep her feeling light but full, is definitely going to keep her around.

So, what to cook?

A light pasta meal…



Black pepper




equal amounts of butter and flour



A few leaves of fresh Basil.


  1. Measure out flour and butter
  2. Get lemon zest and juice separately
  3. Grill Bacon and brush with honey, until Crispy – let it cool then chop it finely
  4. Pasta has instructions on the pack. But people always get it wrong. It takes anywhere from 6 – 8 mins in rapidly boiling water. When the time’s up, Drain the pasta and let cold water pass through it for a bit. This maintains the ‘bite’ it has.
  5. Butter in a pan – low heat, let it melt and bubble – NOT BURN!!
  6. Add in your flour and salt, and keep whisking the mixture for about 5 mins. There’s a nutty aroma that pops up and it should look unappetizing at first, but keep whisking and keep the heat low.
  7. Add your milk about 20ml at a time into the sauce from a cup of warm milk. And DON’T STOP WHISKING
  8. Once your sauce has a glossy consistency add your pasta, bacon, lemon juice and zest.
  9. Let the ingredients heat up.
  10. Add chopped or whole basil to the steaming pan.
  11. Impress her.



The acid from the lemon juice and zest, get slightly mellowed out by the honey in the bacon, if you’re generous with it and if you really want to treat her, grate some paremesan cheese on her steaming plate.

If she asks for ketchup – give her – but insist she tries it without it first…

So guys, I’m expecting feedback – catch me on Facebook

Keep it #TastyTuesday.


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