Hello lovelies!!! You know today is Fashion Friday and we are super excited because the month is over!!! Time flies, I know but what better way to end the last Fridayof the month with a little inspiration and awesome clothes???

Today I will be highlighting a fashion designer by the name T.I. No, she didn’t copy the musician but she is uniquely known as Tuzo Iscah. She hails from the fashion school in Kenyatta University and is an outstanding designer whom I felt just puts the F- in fashion. She is super talented, super beautiful and has the charisma of a Vogue cover model.


So I caught up with Tuzo to find out what she has been up to of late and I would like to introduce her new collection too you guys. So please check her out, she is fantastic- I mean I have put a personal brand of exquisiteness on her. Order! Order! Order!! She does all kinds of designs with finesse and you now how I am big on quality and originality, and I feel she brings both to the table.

So I asked her a few things about what inspires her, to whom she feels are worthy mentors in today’s fashion industry.

What is the name of the new collection we see on Instagram and Facebook?? It looks absolutely stunning!!

The collection is called Flatter Your Figure and I am very excited to bring it to everyone.

Interesting. So what inspired this collection?

It is inspired by the modern day trendy chic who likes to try something new, flattering and confident. I mean she wants to step out there and be the topic of discussion when you see her.

Which designers do you feel are worthy mentors?? Whom do you feel speaks to you and your style??

Ralph Lauren and Russo are my definite favorites. Micheal Costello speaks to me exceptionally and I feel hey are designers I can look up to as I grow.

So back to “Flatter Your Figure” collection. How much do your pieces go for?? I feel good clothing comes at a price and most people would love to adorn but cannot afford.

The collection is pocket friendly because the skirts range from Sh. 2,000 to Sh. 3,000, dresses are from Sh. 3,000 and the coats depending on the design are from Sh.2, 000 and a maximum Sh. 3,000. The jumpsuits go for Sh. 3,500.

Check her out on

square-facebook-128  Tuzo Iscah




That’s it from us at Urbanitte. Stay tuned for more posts. Check out our other posts from Tech Wednesday, Tasty Tuesdays ,Story Thursdays and Let’s get serious which is on Saturdays.

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As always have fun. Fabulous weekend guys, remember to look dashing and Live. Laugh and Love!!

Kisses!!! Yours Njoki Mbuthia.



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