Hello Lovelies!!! I hope you had a fabulous week and the weekend is here!! Whoop !! Whoop!! So today I will feature a very awesome person I met while working at a shoot who has an amazing blog I would like you guys to read about!!

Nyawira Mumenya! I absolutely love this girl and I feel she speaks to the heart of the curvy girls out there! You know what I mean. You see this outfit, you wear it and all of a sudden you dont look as good as the picture. (Sad face).


For Nyawira she highlights all that works for us curvy beautiful women out there so check out her blog as soon as now!


Her website isĀ Enjoy!! Check her Instagram handle @miss_nyawi and double tap!


Let us know what you think of the blog. Comment. Share. Inbox. and you can let us know what you want featured, what you want highlighted more on the blog and we will do the needful.

Remember as my slogan goes “Stay Fabulous this Fashion Friday” .

That’s it from me. Live . Love. Laugh.


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