Hey Lovelies??? Today is Fashion Friday and you know what that means?? It is Fashion topics and Fashion talks. So Today  I felt the need to celebrate one of our very own Fashion Designers and bloggers who has amazing designs and comes with the most unique styling combinations.


Peninah Thiongo is a talented designer whose designer are not short of unique and the difference between her and any other designer is that she truly thinks out of the box. Truth be told I feel that she has excellent taste and creativity as her cherry in everything she creates.

The feature I wanted to share with you guys is the recent blog she did on the 3 Day style Challenge and she has already done day one and I must say she looks fabulous!!!


Check out her blog on some of the pieces she has done on the link below.

find her on insagram @my_selah

Facebook : Ninah Waithera

That’s it from us the Urbanitte team especially me the Fashion lover!! Have a fantastic weekend and remember to always remain Fashion Fabulous!!

Live. Laugh. Love

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