hello lovelies!!!! I hope your day is coming along well, despite the cold and your week was good. TGIF!!! I have a friend whose favorite day of the week is Friday!!! Not saying its you Joy (Eye emoji).

SO today I would like to talk about the man purse also known as the MURSE. It is a new trend altogether and we have famous celebrities who wear them and defend them such as Indiana Jones. There is a lot of skeptical people who are yet to embrace the fact that a man may soon gracing our streets with purses.

I know what you are thinking, How is this possible?? Why do they need the purse anyway? They do not need to carry makeup and stuff….or do they????

Well men today need to carry a lot more things than the man of a few decades ago. With increasing interest and health awareness they may need to carry water bottles, or documents and the likes. Murses have not been that uncommon it is just that  as any new trend, acceptance takes time.

So we have a variety of Murses and most are so common, they just have a girly name to it.

There are a couple of Murses I will highlight which are very common;

  1. The Satchel/ Cross-bag

This is a regular bag that is mostly used by college students who have to carry books to class and the likes. They are small in size but can have a range of sizes depending on the use and need.



2. The single strap bag

This is a bag with a single strap (Duh). They come in handy when you need to travel and require a few things. It is advisable not to overload with heavy objects are their asymmetrical design , They can overwhelm one shoulder.


3. The back pack/ Laptop bag

They are specially designed to carry heavy objects such as a laptop and the likes. They are handy as they have a bigger space to carry more things as opposed to the satchel.

4. The hand-bag.

So this one looks like a modern day suit case which men can carry a lot of things such as documents, they can choose to travel with them. They are the most official of all the bags and can be a bit pricey but a worthwhile investment.


There you have it people. Check out more bags on for a lot more bags. Wearing one does not reduce your manliness in any way.

That’s it from me. Enjoy life. Like Comment Share. Tell us what you think and what you need clarification on and what you may like featured.

Live. Laugh. Love!!!


5 thoughts on “THE MURSE”

  1. Its called a man bag… I have 2 🙂 Need it for knives, my apron, headgear, and a notebook for cooking jobs. 🙂


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