The Urban-man Dress Code

Hello my awesome people. Happy new month!!! The second week of  July is here and the weather is playing hide and seek games but I am not complaining at all!!! Zero chills-literally. So today we are solely featuring dress codes that can be adopted by young men and how they can look very very well dressed using these few tips.

I am looking to focus on the smart casual and the casual dress code which has been adopted recently by the changing millennial trends and is being accepted in the office setting and slowly being accepted as formal wear as well.

What is the difference between casual and smart casual?

Casual wear is basically informal wear. This includes T-shirts, polo shirts, khaki pants, anything in jeans, anything in corduroy, and anything linen…basically anything that excludes the suit –like fabrics.

Smart casual is basically a millennial trend that incorporates both the casual aspect of dressing with the absolute formal dress code that includes suits and collar shirts that have that crisp look.

How do we do this?

Pulling off this look cannot be completely easy as not everything can blend in to have the smart casual look. For example, you cannot wear a hoodie and khaki pants with official leather shoes. That would constitute a whole wardrobe malfunction!! Indefinitely.

So this look can only be pulled off with the following articles:

  •  Sweaters both full sleeve and sleeve-less,
  • Blazers,
  •  A coat,
  • A jacket,
  • Collared shirts-could be regular winged collar or the mandarin which is a collar with the slight extension raising from the neck.
  • Suiting pants (Pants made from regular suit fabric)
  • Khaki pants.
  • Denim (Jeans ranging from black to dark shades of blue)
  • Loafers
  • Oxford shoes
  • Ties
  • Scarfs
  • Boots
  • Official leather shoes

And all those things that resemble such articles because we do not want to look off.

So I will give you a few pictures of what we are talking about as smart casual.


Number 1: You must remember that the look mustn’t be expensive though I know men’s clothing can be expensive. Though in anything I feel as an individual person you can go around it and be creative. You do not have to buy all clothing from boutiques and shops.



Number 2: The look always looks best if the clothes fit you. If you happen to but an over-sized shirt get it sized down at a local tailor for a small fee.


Number 3: Invest in good shoes and good pants as they serve you for a longer period of time.

What occasions does this dress code suit?

Well, it can be an every day look, it is a street/urban look, office look, school-going look. If you want to look good all the time well this is basically a look you can adopt among  others that can work with most body types.

So that is it from me, if you have questions on how to dress, how to incorporate what you have to make a look work or just show us how well dressed you are you can tag us on @urbanitte @stephie_njoki #FashionFriday #awesomeness #fabulous. Facebook its Stephanie Njoki M, inbox me.

as always, leave a comment below on what you would like featured and I am sure to do something about it.

As always Live. Laugh. Love.

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