It was a cold winter’s night.

The birds nestled in the trees with the occasional chirp of a baby bird

The night owl was quiet that night

Even the crickets seemed to have taken a vacation.

Then we all heard it

All of us

The silent birds

The dogs cuddled up on the couch

Even the cat lying on my pillow


First there was skidding

And then loud screeching

Followed by a piercing scream.

We all ran out to the living room window

You could see the lights going on in the neighbours’ houses

The children’s breathing fogging the windows


It was Mr. Walter’s car

The old blue Volvo

It skid right into the transformer


The silence was deafening

Everyone was still

It was as though we were waiting for a signal.


A cry for help

A door to open.

Anything to make us all rush out to them.


And then we all heard it

A soft prolonged moan

Followed by a scream

And then….


Two loud gunshots

Then nothing.


And we all exchnaged glances

As though we could read each other’s thoughts.

We would wait it out.

Who knows?

Maybe they’ll make it out

Maybe they won’t.


That was what happened inside Mr. Walter’s car.

~ Poems & Stories ~


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