It is common knowledge that chicken is the most popular bird we eat across the globe. There are about 19 billion chicken alive at this point in time; therefore, each human being would be out numbered 3 to 1 when they tap into their dinosaur instincts. Or, when they get tired of being farmed intensely.

And Scenes like this, make it even scarier.

No doubt these fowl are incredibly useful, their feathers are used in a lot of various house hold items including, computers, running shoes, and even roofing. In large numbers, their waste can be used as biogas. And their babies taste so good on toast. But, I’d like to focus on the chickens breasts. This may be the source of all the great meat on the bird. I know popular parts like the legs and the wings, are usually on high demand because they do not get as dry as the breast.

raw chicken meat on cutting board, isolated on white
A pair of breasts – endless possibilities

However, the Breast is the most useful part of the chicken!! From boneless curries to Chicken fried rice, or even a chicken salad sandwich. They reign supreme due to how easily they can be manipulated.

Tip: Always soak your chicken in a little bath of water and vinegar for about 30 mins, gets rid of the odour.

One of my favourite methods of cooking chicken breast must be shallow frying the whole thing with a little bit of olive oil for 6 mins on each side – high heat.

But first, you ought to butterfly the breasts…

Not entirely cut through the middle, but just enough to make it flat on both sides

Then you may take out your frustrations by tenderising the chicken breast with a heavy pestle or if you have a ton of time, why not season your chicken then place some heavy tins or books on it as it marinates. This loosens the protien fibres and makes it easier for heat to pass through the chicken.

Season with salt and pepper after the cooking. Drizzle some lemon juice over it.

And you’ll produce some of the most tender and moist chicken breast you have ever had.

In the same pan, slice some onion, green, red and yellow peppers, zuchinni/courgette, brocolli, carrot, and a nob of butter, and use the steam from the vegetables for a few minutes to add more aromatic flavours to the already cooked chicken breast. About 2 mins.

Chicken loves Rosemary, if you can get your hands on some fresh rosemary at any of the green grocers, please do!!

Til next #TastyTuesday!



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