Hello lovelies!! I hope you had a fantastic week and the weekend is here!! (Celebrations and confetti). The weather might not be so warm but there’s nothing a hot cup of coco cannot do, right???

So today I would like to talk about this designer by the name Meshach Juma. I conducted an interview with him and he had quite a lot to talk about especially concerning what he does for a living.


The brand name and company name of Juma is Jumzito. He does hand cards and E cards for a living. Hand cards are the regular cards we would find in any stores that have a variety of messages from 1st Birthday to Happy Anniversary. E- cards are actually electronic cards which are generated or created using a computer software and sent to whomever the client is via whatever agreed medium whats app, e-mail etc.

Many, like myself wanted to know where he started from and what inspired him because the back ground to every story truly gives people the edge of the whole tale. Juma started by doing portrait drawings in junior high-school. He discovered this talent and perfected it then as time progressed. in High School he continued to perfect the skills in painting and drawing and also met other artists who challenged him to be better at it.

The card business was born when he was in high school whereby he made cards for his friends and family for free. The messages in the cards and also the smiles the cards put on people’s faces made him think of venturing into the card business. Jumzito designs was born and was not only interested in the money but also the in touching the lives of people.

The cards range from the standard size A5 which could go for as little as Ksh. 100 upto Ksh. 250. Te price difference would depend on the design of the card whether customised to an individual or have a general design.

Juma mostly gets high demands during social events and at the beginning and the end of the month. On a daily basis the cards go depending on the normal occasions such as birthday cards, love cards and of course business cards.

The card business can be a tough industry to navigate depending on the market consumption. Therefore like many other businesses, Jumzito faces the challenge of advertising majorly. This is because of the rapid nature of social media and its feeds which could be constantly pushed back.

square-facebook-128      Meshach don Prada

download     @juma8802

instagram_2016_icon     @shakmemaju

download (1)      0700 435 294




There you have it people. If you need new designs for your cards aside from the old regular cards, you know who to call for that sponking new card that beats the ages of time and has a touch of class in every aspect of design.

We at Urbanitte would LOOOVE to hear from you and tell us what you like, any questions you would have in the fashion industry.

Have a fantastic weekend,don’t be too chilled. Remember to Live Life, Laugh and Love! 



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