I remember how you used to be an innocent babe

Or maybe I was blinded by the yearnings of my heart

When you laughed and smiled without a care

Yet now you have nothing but a cold stare


You seem not to understand

Even after the constant hard words

I fear you

No, in fact I LOATHE you


You’re capable of such despicable things

That you live in a demented sort of world

And I’ve seen glimpses of it

When you’ve had sadistic thoughts

When you’ve demanded instead of asking.


You make me want to crawl into a hole

And simply erase the memory of us meeting

It’s unfortunate that you were in a part of my life.

Because when I look at you

When I hear your voice.

I wonder when it will all end.


How much longer must the world suffer your deluded existence?

How much longer must it shoulder your entitled madness?

You hide behind curtains of filth

You hide behind legacies of those around you

Yet you are nothing when all that is stripped away.


You cling to the memories of old

And build on the wretched foundations

All drenched in muck and filth and all things despicable.

That my dream is to wake up from this madness and for you not to exist.


For if you must live, I must die because I cannot fathom a world where you are ruler.

I would rather the ants eat away at me

I would rather rot and have maggots feast on my body

I would rather drown in darkness than see you in a facade of light.


A kind of poetic justice where

You cannot have that which you desire

Simply because it loathes you with such deep rooted judgment.

One that pierces your soul

As if seeking to eradicate any trace of your once existence.

I simply hate you.


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