Love Trauma

Love ain’t a feeling,

When you have scars and your heart bleeds silently,

You wish never to love again

Love ain’t a thought

When you’ve been hurt and your brain twitches,

You think of it no more

Love ain’t love, if it’s not real

What’s real??

It is what is, for what it is

Then what is it??

True love is a practice,

One that develops compassion,

Compassion brings a habit,

Habit creates addiction,

Addiction serves convenience,

And that’s how I got lost into love

Call me crazy, am deep and vast,

Some never got this,

 These scars are deep and vast,

All I feel is void,

My vibe got fad,

My voice got fader,

I love no more,

I trust no more,

Ask me how it feels,

That’s the dream I lost.

For the love of love,

Am still In a trauma

All I know is preying,

I aim to shoot,

 I test to trust,

I give to take,

I hate to take, the risk to hate

I’m cuffed with guilt,

For this ain’t the best I can give,

I could try again, like I tried again

I wanna be fair, maybe fair is a fair price

It’s much we said, wish we had a common understanding

It’s much we pledged,

But it’s time we did

All I need is harmony,

For the heart still craves,

All I need is a melody,

For love is like a felony,

I may have lost soul,

But the spirit is always willing.

If you wanna talk about love, Ask how many times it talks about you.

~ By Van Dr ~



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