As I’m posting this, it’s one day too early for a throwback. However, the temptation is too strong. Remember Nokia, the company popularly known for its mobile phones?

Best known for the unforgettable “Nokia tune” that rang on millions of phones around the globe. Brings back memories! For most of us, we probably interacted with Nokia as the first phones we laid eyes on. Back in the day (before smartphones came along), Nokia probably offered the best features on any phone around.


No, I’m not talking about 4G and 50 megapixel cameras. It was all about that torch. They were the guys that started the “mulika mwizi” trend. Let’s not forget about the games. Ati Temple Run or Candy Crush? Not so, but Snake, Space Impact and Bounce were the original screen addictors. You would probably spend hours on that 1.5 inch, black and white screen just trying to beat your high score or go to the next level.

Click here to be redirected to the Android Play Store for Space Impact and Snake

And I can’t talk about Nokia without mentioning the Nokia 3310 model that is known the world over for its indestructability.

Nokia was able to gain popularity by providing affordable mobile phones to the ordinary mwananchi back when mobile phones were a preserve of the rich. However, as smartphones took off, it was unable to evolve to meet the market demand by opting for their obsolete Symbian operating system over the Android OS that was becoming more popular each day. As such, they faded out.

The acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone division by Microsoft in September 2013 didn’t help it’s fate either. Lumia phones never really took off as well as expected.

Well, rumour has it that the former mobile heavyweight is making a comeback this year. With the expiration of the Nokia-Microsoft contract in 2016, Nokia is set to re-join the mobile market with the production of Android Smartphones. That’s right. ANDROID SMARTPHONES!

This is great news for those of us die-hard Nokia fans. To commemorate this news, I decided to let you in on a few generally unkown facts about Nokia:

1. Nokia was originally a paper mill.

It started off in 1865 making paper.

2.Nokia do more than just mobile phones.

Shocking, isn’t it? But it’s true. Nokia is one of the largest telecommunications company in the world and its services are available in over 120 countries. That means that they are the Finnish equivalent of Safaricom.

They also own “Here Maps” which is one of the most popular map apps after Google Maps.

3.  Nokia invented SMS.

Back when Nokia provided equipment for the Finnish military in the 1970s and 1980s, they came up with the sanomalaite järjestelmä (pronounced Sano-ma-let-yar-yat-elma)  that was the first messaging device. This evolved to what we now know as SMS.

4. Nokia tried (and failed!) making computer and televisions.

The fact that you have never heard of a Nokia tv or PC despite it having been one of the biggest tech companies in the world says enough for itself.

5. Nokia was once the largest camera supplier in the world.

Being the number one mobile manufacturer, with millions of phones globally and having its cameras in those phones, Nokia unsurprisingly earned the title of top camera maker.

That’s it for me for today. I would love to know what memories you carry of Nokia and its phone so be sure to leave a comment below, as well as share this with your tech-savvy friends. See you next time.

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