Hello beautiful people! Today is Friday! Hip hip Hoorah! Anyway back to business. Today I will introduce you to a new designer whom I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing him for four years now!

Kevin Muraguri Githua also known as Smiles is a young talented fashion designer who is also a graphic designer. His main edge in the fashion market today is basically integration of CAD also known as Computer Aided Design into fashion. What does this mean? It is basically drawing on the computer and designing clothes,shoes and accessories on the computer to get a better view of what the actual piece would look like before production.

I was privilaged to interview him concerning what he does and you would be very intrested that such a young man can be creative and know how to introduce the creativity into the fashion market in Kenya. Currently, we have very few fashion illustrators in Kenya and those who are pressent do fashion as a side hobby not as a main career outlook.

What inspires you as a designer in the current fashion industry in Kenya?

What inspires me is other pre-existing designs that I want to illustrate and make them look better as well as just basic nature!

Why Fashion? What made you choose Fashion as opposed to other industries?

Hmm….at first I just thought of the fancy life in fashion shows and such and that’s what made me choose fashion. also the fact that i love being dressed well.

What part of fashion do you do? And how did you come about doing it?

Mine is more of illustration and design which involves creating a good visual appearance to garments an alternative to photography. I am also able to create my own designs as well as corporate designs like uniforms and such.


What is Blu Concepts? I have been seeing you advertise it a lot on Instagram.

It is a company that seeks to build the image of people and companies. Things like logos business cards and the like. It also aims at dressing people as well as offer services on how to dress depending on the body type or event.

Who have you worked with so far to build their brand ?

I have personally worked with Dj Joe Mfalme Limited, Flight 98 and Yedu textiles. Under the company Blu Concepts we have done a couple including a fashion designer Elsie Gach Designs.

What are the charges for branding as a first time customer and subsequent customer?

For a new client it’s 1000 shillings but for usual or subsequent clients its 1500.

I happened to notice the initial rates for branding as a first time client and subsequent client differ. Why does the subsequent customer pay more as opposed to the first time customer?

This price disparity is because the regular client knows what we can offer. New clients are a bit skeptical but old clients pay for what they already know is quality and creative. However, the most frequent clients get 15% discount.

So what is company branding? Many of us young people may not fully understand the concept.

Branding generally involves a full package of designing the logos,business cards,receipt books, T-Shirt, caps and cups. Printing anything that a company  or person would like to have a sense of belonging. things like banners,posters and the likes. It’s our duty to ensure that they appeal to their target market as well as stick to the person’s or company’s vision. Things like stickers and any other design. The rates depend on the number of items and size; the more the items,the lower the price.

What challenges do you face as a new designer in Kenya’s Fashion industry?

Getting new clients is tough because they feel it is a risk giving us the job but once we get new clients,retaining is fairly less challenging because we capitalize on quality and professionalism. Fashion and graphic design is a really competitive field so getting recognized itself is a challenge since it means bringing something new or special that will make people want your product or service more than the existing.


So there you have it guys! What I find most  unique about Smiles is the fact that he is part of a branding company that incorporates fashion designers into it. One can actually have all in one sitting!

Check out the links below to get more on what they do and if you have a new company and would like a sponking fresh look,these are the guys to go to! Like,comment,share! We would love to hear from you. As I always say stay Fabulous this Fashion Friday!

Live. Love.Laugh.

square-facebook-128   Kevin Githua, Blu Concepts

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