I hope you’ve had a swell day. I know you’re probably wondering who uses words like swell, but I do. I also love crosswords and codeword. Why? Because language is such a beautiful thing. It has been my friend since I was a little girl. My escape from reality when things got a little out of control. Sorry, I digress. I didn’t bring you here to talk about my love for language. I brought you here to talk about our future encounter.

I can’t wait for our first

When we meet, you’ll realize that I’m one of those girls people call a “hopeless romantic”. The one that wants a man whose kisses touch the very essence of my soul. One whose gaze pierces my soul delicately and so intently that I battle between looking away and letting myself drown. One whose touch causes ripples to my nerves. I also want a man who makes me laugh. That when I wake up each morning, I feel like I would have no one else wake up next to me.

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We must be grounded in GOD

I want a man who loves me. With my faults. My constant over thinking. Although I’m seriously learning to take each moment as it comes and not anticipate every other outcome. My flaring emotions. My introvert days. My sarcasm. Which sometimes can be brutal because sometimes I find that the only way to be honest is through sarcasm. And all the other faults I’m discovering with each waking day. A man who can lean on God’s wisdom to love and inspire me to be a better me.

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Would you braid me?

But I also want a man who loves my strengths. My attention to detail. My love for many things. My ambition. My love for God, and loads of other things that will blow you away. Someone who isn’t intimidated by me. Someone who challenges me and is challenged by me in return, because if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, I know I can look up to you emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.


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Those romantic picnics

So I’m here to tell you that I’m waiting for you. I know I’m not ready for you yet, and God has made that very clear. But soon I will be, and I hope you’ll be as real as I have imagined. I know that you probably won’t read this, but I wrote it anyway. I also don’t know if we’ve met already. Although it would be interesting if we’ve actually met. I do hope you stumble upon it though. Even if you don’t, I know our paths will cross for sure when chance, choice and time are in our favour. And I promise that I will love you till the end of time.


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We will have pillow fights

That I’ll constantly write you love notes. That I will hold your hand when we watch a scary movie because horrors don’t scare me. That I will be there when you need me, and even when you don’t. That’s marriage. Mostly though, that I will always let you do that one thing that you only do when you’re with me.

I know. Hopeless romantic, right? Yes. I am proud to be one, because I want to be loved, not owned.

Till the sands of time stand still for our encounter, take care……

~ Poems & Stories ~


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