Hello beautiful people!!! I am fully aware that the day is super cold ( Geez PMS-ing weather) but it’s all good you know. So this Fashion Friday I will be featuring our very own local designer who is excellent in her work.

Her name is Mercy Musyoka and she is as fashionable as she can get ( Most fashionable in our design school class). Mercy, like us at Fashion Friday puts F on Fabulous and S in  Stunning with all her designs! You would be very impressed and not mistake her on the streets anything less that a fashion designer.

I’m sure she has a story that she started doing design when she was a kid and always knew that cutting up fabric in order to make clothes for her dolls was how she spend her childhood days. ( Okay, I literally did that when I was young so creating stuff is literally my thing-any who). the bottom line is that she is a great designer and her future is looking as excellent as her style usually is.

Mercy’s major passion is in red carpet designs , yes she is fabulous as it can get. She majors in all designs for all occasions:

-Weddings : this is inclusive of all bridal wear especially brides maid outfits and grooms men shirts especially if custom made to escape the monotony of regular shirts.

-Everyday casual wear:  This is both for men and women especially African print is a major favorite. this includes shirts,t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, coats and all the crazy designs you see online and think you can rock them.

-Office wear: This is for the working class who do not necessarily like  the normality and boringness of office wear. Mercy can add that edge to your look to get heads turning and complements flowing.

For Mercy Musyoka, she wants the world to know that Kenya is not behind in the Fashion Industry, that she is ready to dress Kenya in her latest styles and cuts to make you look spontaneous, stylish and ready to face the world. After all clothing is equal to second skin!

Mercy does not fly low ( Oh yes),she has the opportunity to design for the current Miss Kenyatta University, great music personalities such as STL among others whom I am sure are big shots. So this is clearly a girl on the run to success people.

Some of her designs are below and you can see what she is capable of.


The current Miss Kenyatta University wearing a bareback laced gown.


Mercy  wearing a green strapped dress with an X-back looking stunning and beautiful!



Mercy in a two piece outfit comprising of a crop-top and a mini skirt with a cape.



Mercy wearing a pink bear back gown.


Mercy’s client wearing a yellow lace gown.


Mercy’s client wearing a black triangle cut dress.

I don’t know about you guys but we LOVE LOVE LOVE all the detail and the cuts on the dresses and for sure there is more from where all this came from! You  want one of these designs? OR maybe you want a more adventurous cut in your design? Look no further! Contact Mercy on +254 702 845 303 and for more pictures check out her Instagram handle @mercie_the_designer.

You can leave a comment below to tell us what you feel about anything and everything or you would like us to feature something in our blog!

That’s it from us at Fashion Friday.  Enjoy your weekend and keep warm! Kisses.


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