Kenya’s Favourite Food

Despite having its origin in the French Revolution and later being popularised by Belgium and more recently the large American Fast Food industry; this is arguably any Kenyan’s go to fast food. Chipo, is simply deep fried potatoes cut in a batonnette style.


The really good fries are double fried. This means that they first fry at a lower temperature in order to get the surface of the potato to pop and expose the starch. The next round of frying ultimately crisps up the popped surface in order to give you the crunch! Usually Served with Ketchup or Tomato Sauce, the fast food delight accompanies Burgers, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches, Deep fried Fish, and may be eaten on its own. However, most extremely high end Restaurants have another method of preparing their Chipo.



This machine, is called a Sous- Vide Cooker. It is a new 21st Century method of cooking, and it ought to be much healthier than normal cooking. How it works… Add water, as well as vaccum seal the food you’d like to cook in a plastic bag, the machine is set to a certain temperature and time and once the time or temperature is met, the food is cooked. Although in the case of french fries, the batonnettes are placed in a brine (brine is salty water) solution then vaccum sealed.308aedddcfd5ac542e486d7aa0d97bc9Once they reach their desired internal temperature, they toss the bag into an ultra sonic machine. This bath releases ultra sonic waves and the waves make the surface of the french fry burst and release strach forming little villus like structures. Once this is complete, they then double fry the potatoes and they turn out golden and incredibly crunchy.6f88ba52a6fbe7b83950415bd2862f3fThis is the result. an incredibly crispy and crunchy french fry with an moist soft centre, reminiscent of mashed potatoes.This is the reason why posh restaurants give you one potato worth of fries, they are invested in producing the highest quality french fries hence the little portions. Also, I think if you’re visiting a high end restaurant, you ought not to eat fries. Anyway, here’s a tip on making your fries taste exactly like Nairobi Java House Fries;

    Garlic Powder, Oninon Powder, Salt & Paprika

These four in equal portions make the nice spicy fries that Java is famous for. So, instead of paying 220shs for some fried potatoes, buy some cheap 50 bob fries and toss them in the above seasonings, they will not disappoint!

Plus it wouldn’t hurt to throw some Bacon in the mix…

Till next #TastyTuesday!



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