Hey beautiful people, I hope your week was fantastic and hoping the weekend will be awesome as well. Thank God Its Friday!!!

Last Friday I talked about Fashion Etiquette and how we can avoid that altogether and mentioned I would follow up with an article on body types. So here we are and it is my hope you will be informed and have a better perspective on your beautiful image!
In order to know your body shape,we will use three main avenues:
-Shoulder width
-Waist width
-Hip width / Seat width (For men)

Ladies,I will start with you (Or us). Women all over the world are categorized into five main body types which follow up shortly.
Its important to note that breast size does not constitute as a body shape characteristic.
It is also important to note that one’s weight will not necessarily be a factor in knowing your body shape.

1. Hour glass shape
I am sure we are all conversant with this shape as it is described as the ideal shape (lies!!!)


This shape is no brainer and as you can see from the picture it’s pretty easy to know.

1. The Apple shape/ Inverted triangle shape.
Women with this shape have a relatively larger upper body compared to the lower torso. They have a less defined waist as well.

3.The Pear or Triangle shape
This body shape has the hips being relatively larger than the shoulders. There is a relatively defined waist.


4. The Rectangle shape

Basically for this shape the width of the shoulders,waist and hips are almost the same. The waist is not quite defined.


5. The Oval shape
I,personally feel this shape could come about due to fat deposits packed around the waist. Generally the width of the waist is larger compared to hip and shoulder width.


Gentlemen, you have not been forgotten and I have five categories of men body shapes for you. Some might overlap with those of the women but the difference would be that men ae generally muscular than women.
Its important to note that chest size will play a role in men’s body shapes.


1. Trapezoid shape
This is mainly the hour glass shape in women whose shoulder and seat width are almost the same and th waist is smaller and not well defined.


2. Inverted triangle / triangle
The shoulders and chest of men with this shape are larger in width as compared to the seat width. Most muscular men have this shape due to muscle mass.


3.Triangle shape/Pyramid
This shape has the seat width relatively larger than the shoulders and chest width. The waist is not well defined either.


4.The rectangle /ruler shape
As in women the dimensions of shoulder,waist and hip width are almost the same. The waist is not well defined.


5.The Oval shape.
This shape,as I had mentioned in women generally constitute more fat around the waist than the shoulders,chest and seat. The waist width is greater than the shoulder and seat width.


How do I know what body shape I am??
Its a question may would ask as it is not as easy to identify by looking in the mirror. So below are few easy steps to find out what shape you are:
What you need:
1.Measuring tape
3.A trusted friend / designer/ Spouse
Method :
1. Get yourself into foundation garments which are boxer shorts and a vest for men or vests and tights for women. Generally any garment that give visibility to body your contours without bulk. (Bulk here are like sweaters,jackets any heavy material )

2. Measure your
– Shoulder width (shoulder to shoulder)
-Waist width. (Around normal waist above belly button then divide by two)
-Hip or seat measurement (Around the widest part of your hips or seat) then divide by two
If. For example,your hips are significantly larger than the shoulders for a woman you have a pear shape. For men,if your chest and shoulders are significantly larger than your seat then you have an inverted triangle shape.

So that’s it from me your designer Njoki Mbuthia and Fashion Friday. Remember the faster you identify your shape the easier it will be to dress your body appropriately and look stunning. Every shape is beautiful because its a characteristic of who you are. You look the best as you are,don’t frant because you don’t have a wasp waist of big chest. You are the best you are. Know that identifying your body shape is the start to a great fit and stunning look.
That’s it,next week we can look at the basics on how to dress your unique body types and I’m sure you will have a great perspective on body shapes.
It is not what is on the outside that matters,its what is on the inside!!

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