“Hey guys!”


“Who’s Frank?”

Frank dropped his guitar and came to say hi.

“I’m Jacquie.”

Frank and I are in a band. We had met on the band’s Whatsapp group and we had decided to meet in person. He dropped his guitar and told me about the other guys he was jamming with. He said your name and I said that I’d seen you around. Then he called you celeb. We spoke for a few more minutes before I went for play rehearsals.

Rainy-Night-Desktop-Free-Wallpaper.jpgIt was a Friday night. The rains had swept away the day and some had shut their doors and stayed in to stay away from the cold.

I remember it was about 7:30 pm when the rain stopped and puddles had formed. I was about to leave for home. Mimi, the person I was chatting with, was getting a ride. He got so worried and asked his friend to walk me to the bus stage. As we walked out, Mimi’s ride offered me a lift as well. I got into the car and we headed for town. Mimi and the driver were chatting while you and the girl next to me were engrossed in a conversation. I sat there feeling awkward and wondering what time I would get home with the slow moving traffic.

A-Rainy-Night-Background-For-DesktopFinally we got to town. We alighted. I walked with Mimi, you with the girl. When we dropped her off at Anniversary Towers, you joined us. And just like that the conversation began. I must say I was intrigued. Each question I asked you answered in such detail, as though we’d been friends for ages. You spoke about your job, your dreams and you loved talking about the hustle and its struggles. I loved listening to you speak.

We got to Bus Station and there were no matatus so you suggested we go to Agip. We went and the conversation continued until it started to drizzle again.

“Mia hamsini gari. Mia hamsini.” When the touts said that you said they were crazy. You insisted that we’d get one for 100 bob and so we walked. And true to your word, we got one.

Rainy-Night2-blogWe entered the traffic back into town and it was ridiculous. We sat there all three of us but it became a two man conversation. We talked and laughed like we’d known each other for ages. Then you spoke about your special book and I was like, “no way! I do that too.” I thought it to just be a coincidence. We finally got to Bus Station again.

“Mia hamsini gari! Mia hamsini gari!” said the tout but we stayed. We ended up paying 150 in the end. You offered to walk me home but I said I would be fine. Your phone was off and so we didn’t exchange contacts. I alighted and we parted ways.

I got home and for some reason I wanted to text you and tell you that I was home. I was slightly bummed that I couldn’t but I let it go. And just like that we became strangers from a distance that shared a perfect evening.

Until we meet again……

~ Poems & Stories ~


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