The Sinful Ingredient

So, this Tasty Tuesday, I wanted to talk about something I love (maybe a bit too much), bacon. It is a pork product, usually removed from the back or the belly of a pig. There’s lots of processing that bacon goes through, but traditionally it was mainly salt and smoke. I remember when I was younger, I had a protien allergy. It really sucked because I’m that guy who loved Sausages, and Bacon on a Saturday morning with my cartoons. I could not eat the stuff without developing an allergic reaction. Fast forward to Boarding School, all the food that I couldn’t eat without falling ill, was on the menu. Luckily my body got used to surviving and allergies became a thing of the past.



So nothing could stop my love affair, not even obesity. Bacon has a unique place in our diets mainly because of the taste, the colour, and its compatibility with nearly every meal! Its conflicting saltiness with the absolutely delectable sweetness on pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Bacon also goes well with eggs, any eggs mind you. If you are looking to spice up a salad, throw some bacon on it. If you want to make a sandwich slightly more attractive, throw some bacon on it. If you want bacon, add some bacon to the already present bacon and get what you deserve!


I know, being in the 21st Century people have to be health concious and try and cut down on the fatty food but, Bacon is like salt and pepper, or water to some (Extremely Guilty about that). I have put bacon in white rice, pilau, pasta, pizza, mukimo, cabbage, skuma, ugali, githeri, pancakes, cupcakes, souflees, and we can keep going with this, but I fear, I’ll stop writing this article and go get me some bacon.

[runs away to make bacon]

So, Im going to show you guys how to get bacon on every bite of your sandwich from today henceforth. All you need is some streaky bacon and an oven. The picture below is a representaion of what you ought to do to your bacon.hqdefault

A Bacon Raft, or Bacon mat, depends on how you look at it or where your english teacher is from.

Interlocking the streaks makes a mat that completely hides the bread under the bacon. Slap on some mayo, mustard, couple of tomato slices, shredded lettuce, shredded onion and some shredded left over chicken for a great sandwich. I like my sandwiches toasted rather than straight up bread, because the of the dextrin. (DEXTRIN – Burnt up sugars)

by the way, if you don’t want to try this at home, Dormans make a pretty mean Club Sandwich, get one.

Until the next one guys, keep it Tasty.




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