I hope you all had a fantastic week and are ready to kick it this weekend. The weekend is packed with a lot of activities and events so make a date! So today I would like to discuss fashion etiquette. So what is this you may ask? It’s as simple as it is interpreted. It is basically being mindful of how we dress on a daily basis.

Fashion as I have said before is a mode of expression for an individual which is quite okay. The line is drawn when your “expression” is all up in people’s faces. So what do I mean by that? I will list down a few things I have seen on the streets of Nairobi which got me in trouble. Yes, ironic isn’t it? Guys that are in my company would ask me what is wrong with us chics- note how we are broadly categorized as one lot without being distinguished.

Ladies the first thing I would like to address would be
The cleavage- we appreciate that you are an African woman and you have the goods as team mafisi would say ‘jeggi’. The line is drawn when it’s all in our faces , like jeez girl we know you got them goods you don’t have to show us to emphasize their presence.


Sometimes I wonder if you ever feel uncomfortable by how everyone looks at you. Sure thing it’s your body your life but as we are all at liberty to dress as we would like to, we have to be mindful of what we are portraying  . The cleavage is awesome just don’t put way too much out there we feel the girls will fall out. So you can rock your gifts but not too much trust me we don’t want to see them.

The African Derrière-yes the African booty. So ladies today are endowed! Not entirely sure how it’s come to pass so suddenly that the world is “booty crazy” but all in all we  don’t fancy the view how big it is- you don’t need to show us; we can see for ourselves. So when you rock that tight pair of pants ensure it’s decent that we appreciate rather than cringe and feel shame for you. Trust me, whoever you are trying to show will see it (Halla team mafisi!) please don’t get offended when they ogle because the fish caught the bait.


The tight, body hugging stretch pants, dress or skirt- Kim must have been the genesis of this fashion trend. But there’s a problem here with copying everything you see on the social scene- Kim gets paid to do all that but I don’t believe you get a dime from it right? So I have seen ladies wear these outfits and their beautiful African derriere is jiggling all over the place. Personally, I am not sure whether to think it is sexy or weird or disturbing. By all means your booty is what it is but when you wear these clothes without any knickers girl, we will look because you cannot see your booty as we can from behind.

The visible bra strap- underwear is by all means not to be seen by the people who look at you. We can understand that most if the time we can’t help it but we have a solution here- get the right fitting bra for yourself. There are many types of bras today that serves different functions for different tops and dresses. If you can get the right one for whatever outfit that would be fantastic. Unless they are those straps that are designed to be seen but anything short of that –hide it girl.

Low cut pants and short top- again I come to the story of the visible booty crack. I will not dwell too much here. You already get the picture.

Our gentlemen we haven’t left you behind

Sagging your pants- I thought this trend was outdated but even when it was fashion there were protocols to be followed. We do not want to see your underwear either. Like the ladies we don’t want to see your booty crack-so not cool guys!


The muscle shirt- one problem is there are no muscles but a pot belly. Please don’t wear a shirt that’s tight and your tummy is all out there then we wonder if you accidentally roamed into the children’s store.

Oversized garments- some guys have a small physic and tend to wear clothes that are big for them- trust me we see it all and it doesn’t look good!

I could go on and on about the fashion we see but there is hope for everyone addressing the short comings of all this and we can do the following for starters.

1) Know your body type- its important as an individual to know each and every aspect of their body-where your curves are, how big your cleavage is, how your booty is. This also highlights one to know and understand their body type and the characteristics.

2) Get clothes that fit properly- this is a no brainer as far as dressing is concerned. Don’t wear clothes that are too small for you- yes we can see it at an instance, don’t wear clothes that are big either. Get whatever is big adjusted at a tailor (they are everywhere) and replace what is small. Don’t be duped by cloth vendors because they are trying to make money. Ensure something fits properly before buying it.

3) Check the feel while sitting because that’s where all the disaster waits to happen.  Touch your back to see if anything is peeking out that should not. Invest in belts- they save us from alot!

4) Dress appropriately. We are not in a music video that we want to show or portray a certain trend or message. Investigate how the stars dress on a normal day to day, pretty covered up.

5) Enjoy life, it’s never that serious

So guys we must learn how to dress appropriately. It’s not that hard and it doesn’t make you any less desirable to dress well, on the contrary, it works to your advantage. How? We will focus on the positives and beauty than the mistakes. That’s it from Fashion Friday- next week we will look at body shapes.

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