Do you remember that first time? I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday morning. I was in the middle of laundry. Dancing to music like I usually do. Barely dressed in my white short shorts and blue top. Then the doorbell rang. I assumed it because a lot of trash bags and pamphlets are dropped off on Saturdays. I went back to the laundry until I heard the bell again. I was puzzled. I never expect anyone until after 2 on a Saturday. I thought that maybe I’d forgotten a planned visit and so I came to the door.

Then I saw you standing there. I understood that there was no need for pleasantries. You just came in and sat down. Said nothing. I asked what you wanted to play. “Call of duty.” You said. I plugged it in for you and got went back to the laundry. I stopped the music and has a soft hum. I was finished in about half an hour. By then you had moved to the ground and you were leaning against the huge pillows. Those things are so comfy, yeah?

“Blanket or duvet?”


I brought them and just before I sat, I had a thought…

“Alcoholic or not?”


“Mild or strong?”


 Fortunately I knew your poison. Famous Grousse.

I bought some snacks as well because I knew it was going to be long day. On my way back, I stopped by the movie place and got your favourite movie.

When I came back, you had paused the game. You seemed to be deep in thought. I locked the doors and closed the curtains. I got a bunch of games, bowls and glasses. I slipped in the movie and got under the covers next to you. We sat, and that was the beginning of our silent Saturdays. Where we ate, drank, watched and slept.

Then it would be time for you to leave. You would leave happy. You’d smile and laugh and the sparkle in your eye made me warm inside. And I wouldn’t hear from you until months passed. Then slowly, the gaps started reducing. From four months, to two months, to twice a month. And now, you show up every Saturday. With a bottle of something sweet and snacks to make me fat. And they’ve become the days I look forward to the most. Because they are no longer silent, but days when we talk, laugh and weep like lovers and friends.

                                                                                                                                  ~ Poems & Stories ~


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