Mother’s day is here and fashion Friday will not be left behind in this ecstatic endeavor! So mothers huh? Best gift from God you know?? I would like to take time to appreciate our mums for who they are. Surely what can be done to show them how much we do not take it for granted that they have been the reason we have succeeded in so many things?

Just reminisce for a second with me to your earliest of childhood memories- when she took you on your first day to kindergarten-I bet most of you were frightened as I was but her reassuring smile and embrace melted all the fear away. Primary came about and she would pick us up, bring us our lunch, would take pride in our achievements and definitely encourage us to do better when we didn’t do so well. In secondary school in our rebellious stage we would think she’s embarrassing when she would kiss us or tell us she loves us. As young adults, she’s still there holding our hands and praying for us to succeed in our dreams.  The sleepless nights she had because we were sick, those moments we would throw food and she herself hasn’t eaten because of one reason or another. What about the many tears and trials she has faced without our knowledge?

So today I am going to make it a little bit easier for you guys to get something for your mums this mother’s day! Truly we can’t fully repay what they have done for us but a small gesture goes a long way. I don’t know about you but for me, a smile on my mum’s face is worth a thousand sunsets! So here we have a few categories one can go through to figure out what will mean the most to our mothers:

1. Make mum smell pretty!
Our mums love to smell heavenly and fresh. They enact the saying cleanliness is next to godliness therefore a great bubble soap gift set so she can indulge in maximum relaxation. Also we can consider an essential oil gift set or a body oil gift set. (These gifts smell so lovely –if you did something to upset her trust me she will let you off the hook!). Some of these products can be found in beauty shops such as Super cosmetics, Beauty Options, Ebrahims, these upcoming malls such as Sasa Mall and exhibition stalls in town.


Alongside the bubble and body oil gift set, no one ever goes wrong with perfume and body splashes and colognes. You can get the latest perfumes from favorite labels such as Dior, Channel, DKNY and also celebrity colognes such as Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez and the likes.
Of course you must have an idea on the kind of perfume she might like or wear. Body splashes are the best! They are non-alcoholic and come I the yummiest flavors- fruity and floral scents. They are the best especially if mum doesn’t fancy strong scents. You can get these online and also beauty shops in town and you are set!

2. Make mum stylish!
There’s no doubt that our mums are stylish in their own unique way. What better way to enhance their appearance with these few awesome gifts that just would make her feel even better?
Clutch or purse
Every woman needs this for their various engagements be it a dinner out, a meeting with friends, family gatherings or just family Sunday outings (I love those!)

Apron set
This comprises of kitchen mittens, dish holders and an apron. Mum loves to cook for her family and why not make her experience even better by gifting her with this set?

Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. You can buy your mum a cool jewelry set comprising of a necklace, bracelet and matching earrings or individual pieces that would suit your mum.


Mum may fancy a new sweater, handbag, a lovely dress, that pair of awesome shoes you saw one day passing a boutique, or a simple stylish scarf. The list is endless in this category.

3. Hobby
Maybe your mum is into something probably cooking, sewing, travelling or music. Whatever it may be you can get her something that she would appreciate that you care about her hobby.

4. Other gifts to get mum.
Picture frame
Pictures keep memories so this is a plus on your side.


Mugs and T-Shirts
The mugs and t-shirts that have special messages on them that are touching and some have pictures on them! She can always read how awesome she is every morning while having her coffee or tea or when she puts on that T-shirt on a Saturday afternoon when she is kicking it.

Home Décor
You know how mum likes her house and does everything to keep it cozy. You can get your mum a vase, table decoration, a painting or flowers!


Scented candles
Like I said before,mums love nice smelling things! So a set of scented candles would be a lovely gift.

There are so many books that are inspirational for women, specific books for mums, great story books and novels that your mum might fancy to read and you delivered it right to her. Some book stores are Biblica,Keswick and Text book centre.

Gifts are a great way to show you love your mum but other ways to show you love mum are as follows:

Clean her room/ house
This can be tricky but don’t go snooping in her things. You can help organize her things in a better way, add a bit of sponk (style) by adding throw cushions, a decoration, flowers etc.

Cook for her
Surprise her with a meal you have prepared maybe breakfast in bed, lunch or a special dinner at home.

Organize a party
Who doesn’t like a party? Such festive moods would definitely lighten her and bring about a smile. (Not a crazy party please-don’t give your mum a heart attack)

Quality time
This is the best gift you can give your mum because we are ever busy with our schedules and time off to spend it with mum would be a gift that can’t be forgotten.

With these many ideas I’m sure your mum won’t go forgotten this mother’s day. To all our mum’s I would love to wish you a Happy Mother’s day and let you know that seeing you by our sides every day is always mother’s day to us!!
Stay Fabulous this Fashion Friday!!!

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