Right then I wished life was different.
Just for one moment
I wanted everything to be still
So that we could explore untold passions
Passions that entice without words
Passions that trigger a chain of thoughts.

Thoughts I wish we didn’t share
Especially when you look at me
And you actually see me.

Or how we always find our eyes interlocked
As if we’re looking for a sign
A sign that it’s okay to fall.

images (39)

Chance or choice?
Sometimes a whimsy of the two.

It’s impossible to resist your eyes
Because when you look you see deep inside.
Your confidence weakens me at the knees
Even when I always seem to be in control.
The waves of chemistry fluster me
And I love it because it means I can relinquish control.


images (7)But as fate may have it….

Consensus ad idem,
A meeting of the minds.

Maybe in another universe.
A tall order in truth
But a folly if defied.

But maybe one day our stars will cross
Right where they should
And fear will have no place in our minds
Then maybe chance and choice can be the allies of fate.



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