How to extend your battery life

It’s official. Smartphones are ruling the world. Don’t believe me? Just look left, or right. Or down into your own hands. Smartphones are everywhere. They have immense capabilities, whether you want to take a photo, listen to some music or check your social media

account. All of this is available at your fingertips.

There’s just one problem though – battery life.

With the advent and uptake of touchscreen phones, the battery has been taking a serious beating. Why? It’s simple. A larger screen = more power consumption. A thinner phone also = less battery space = less juice. And we’re all aware of the current smartphone trends. Everybody wants a bigger, thinner smartphone. Also, smartphones host a plethora of features like GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Gyroscope among others that are always sucking your battery dry.

Does this mean that you’re doomed to poor battery life for the rest of your life? Not if I can help it. There are a number of ways to maximize that battery juice, here are 6 of them:

1.      Dim your screen and reduce screen timeout.


Like I mentioned earlier: bigger, better screens + thinner phones = worse battery life.  If you want to save some of that power, turn the brightness down a little to the point where you feel comfortable using looking at your screen.

When you’re indoors, the environment is darker which means that your screen doesn’t need to be maxed out. Especially in the dark, feel free to turn it down completely. Not only is this good for your battery but your eyes as well.

Screen timeout is how long your phone takes to turn off the screen after you’ve not been using it. Keeping this to a minimum is best and you will be surprised to find out just how much battery life you’ll save.

2.      Turn off non-essential features when you’re not using them.


This one is pretty simple. Bluetooth ,WiFi, GPS, Background Syncing, Mobile data and Screen orientation  are massive battery drainers. Turn them off when you aren’t using them. There are a couple of apps readily available to do that for you like a couple of battery savers.

And let’s be honest, unless you’re always using Maps or Navigation apps, you can do without GPS on.

3.      Get a power bank.


Power banks have emerged in recent years in order to address the high power demands of modern devices. Their prices have also dropped recently due to the entry of a number of low cost, high quality manufacturers like Tecno and Xiaomi.

My recommendation: The bigger, the better. At least get one that is rated 3000mAh (power units) or more. Also, avoid, buying them off the street. Those ones have no assurance of quality or even working at all.

Expect to pay anything from Ksh. 1,500-2,000 going up.

4.      Download a power saver app.


There are a number of developers who have been able to come up with ways to better manage your power through apps. These apps end apps running in the background and also restrict apps that sync data unnecessarily. Some also offer the option of turning off your toggles like Bluetooth and WiFi automatically when you’ve not used them for a while.

A number of smartphones these days also have a power saver feature somewhere in the settings. This also works great especially if your battery is approaching critical levels.

I recommend Battery Saver 2016 for android users.

5.      Keep a charger or usb cable close by.


In this day and age, there are a number of power outlets any any given point. If not there may be a computer/laptop available for you to plug into. Keep a cable handy and it just might save your day.

6.      Get a spare battery.


While this may not be an option for some, most of us have a phone with a removable battery. If so, it may be wise to invest in getting an extra battery and carrying it around in your pocket or purse. Of all the options on this list, I would give this as the best since it takes you from zero percent to 100% in an instant.

NOTE: Make sure that it is the correct battery for your device; otherwise you may end up damaging your phone.

Also ensure that you get it from an authorized vendor.

So there is my list. Be sure to try these out and let me know how these tips are working out for you and be sure to leave a comment down below.

If you also have a few tips to add, be sure to let me know in the comment section.


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