downloadHow many times have you gone out after the rain and seen garbage gathered in one place?  Or walked past a drainage and found piles of trash slowly accumulating? Then guess what you do. You add on to the pile as though you don’t have a dustbin in your house or you’re not driving a car or, you’re not carrying a bag. Honestly, this behaviour is not only tacky, but simply unnecessary.

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I know that not everyone is an environmentalist. I also know that some people aren’t bothered by the sight of trash, but guess what? Whether or not you care, you’re being affected one way or another. Have you ever bought food from a vendor on the sidewalk? Some vendors actually use that water to clean whatever fruits and vegetables you buy. And I’m not saying it’s all of them, no, but you can never know. Have you ever taken your car for that random car-wash? Have you seen the water that some of them use? It may not affect your car really, but think about the health of that person.  The diseases they are exposed to and even the bacteria they ingest because that water does splash around and hits their mouths from time to time.

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It will never hurt you if you put that sweet wrapper in your pocket and throw it in the bin at home. It wouldn’t kill you to use the bins that are placed strategically in town so that we avoid dirtying the country any further. We always want to blame the city council for not cleaning up, but it’s not like each human being has a city council worker following them like a shadow. So, I’m going to challenge all of us. In the month of May, each of us should use the bins around us. We should stop making excuses and start taking initiative. You may think that one person makes no significant contribution, but ask Thomas Edison.

If he hadn’t invented the light bulb, where would we be today? Maybe someone would have thought about it 10 or 20 years later, but that’s not what happened. It starts with you. It’s time for each of us to make that 1% contribution. If 10 of us do it, that’s 10%. Soon we will feel the difference. Let’s love our country.

~Love your drainage ~



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