Hello lovelies!! It’s been too long and I know you have been asking where I have been! Work my people, work! Nonetheless it’s not an excuse so I will jump right back into sharing articles with you!

This month I decided to focus on all things makeup and I wanted to start with counterfeit makeup!😯

What is “Fake Makeup” and what’s wrong with it?  

Fake make-up, counterfeit or knock offs are not the genuine brands of make-up. They are counterfeit cosmetics, designed to look like top-name brands to trick thousands of shoppers into buying what seems like a great bargain.

Fake make-up contain high concentrations of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, nickel, cobalt, aluminum and even cyanide that could cause long-term harm.
They also could lead to serious infections, allergic reactions and cancer in the long run.

What are the effects of using the knock offs? 

More often than not, some do not show immediate effect that’s why people just go on using them but it does come with a price!

Lead poisoning 

According to Daily Mail, some of the counterfeit makeup products have up to 19 times the legal limit of lead in them. Lead can build up in the human body over the months, leading to lead poisoning. In adults, lead poisoning can cause memory loss, joint and muscle pains, and headaches. Pregnant women risk miscarriage or premature birth if they are exposed to too much lead. There are lead-free makeup products available, but you will need to purchase these items through a reputable dealer and avoid purchasing knockoffs on auction websites and unknown websites.

Allergic Reactions

When criminal gangs mix up the ingredients for makeup to sell to unsuspecting consumers, they do not care what goes into the concoction as long as it looks like the real thing. These aren’t chemists with degrees mixing up batches of eye shadow and perfume. They are street educated people looking to make money anyway possible. What you get are beauty products that contain dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and even permanent scarring from these reactions.



Counterfeit makeup is not made under the same conditions and standards as the makeup it is posing as. The fake stuff is made in basements, back rooms, and filthy, small factories with zero quality control. Bacteria is everywhere and can easily contaminate all the products the workers are mixing up. Not only is the bacteria coming from the filth of the work room, but also from workers’ unwashed and ungloved hands, from animals, and from insects and roaches.

Skin Rashes

Because of all the dangerous chemicals and “potentially dangerous bacteria”, according to Babble, knockoff makeup can cause skin rashes. Dermatologist Dr. Robert Burka said in an interview that he sees two to three cases each month involving skin dermatitis, all due to counterfeit makeup. When tested, the fake makeup was found to contain high levels of lead, Beryllium, and bacteria, all of which can cause these rashes.


When Daily Mail bought some counterfeit makeup on eBay for testing, they found arsenic in some of the products. The knockoff Benefit Eye Bright pencil, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil foundation powder, and Bad Gal lash mascara all contained traces of arsenic in them. Arsenic is a toxic elements that can cause abdominal pain, shock, and even death.

Eye Infections


There are numerous reports online about consumers unknowingly buying and using counterfeit eye makeup only to experience eye pain moments after applying the stuff. Daily Mail gives a report about one woman, Katie Brown, who purchased counterfeit Urban Decay eye shadow. Minutes after she applied the eyeshadow, her eyelids swelled and her vision turned blurry. She said, “I realised it was fake as soon as I opened it.” If you suspect something is not the real deal, do not risk testing it out on your skin.

E. coli

The FBI reports that counterfeit cosmetics can often contain dangerous amounts of bacteria in them. One bacteria that has been found and identified in fake cosmetics is e. coli (Escherichia coli). E. coli can cause severe diarrhea, as well as kidney failure and anemia. Some of the e. coli strains can also cause urinary tract infections. It is spread through fecal matter and people not washing their hands after having a bowel movement. Considering that there are no sanitary practices among the gangs making fake makeup, the spread of e. coli comes as no surprise.

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Hello lovelies! It’s yet another Fashion Friday! I hope you are looking, feeling and projecting fabulous! Are you here and ready to learn a thing or two about counterfeit make-up? This is the second of 3 posts that I will talk about make-up.

Last week we looked at what fake makeup is and its effects on us the consumers. (I am still stuck on rat poop you guys!)

This week I will address some of the concerns that came my way about using this make-up! Most ladies have used it (I, myself included) and it did not react in any way or if it did, it wasn’t so bad- anything to look good right? Here is my 2 cents: It’s not worth the risk- PERIOD!

Reasons as to why  think , personally you should not wear this make-up:

  1. It has never looked good for your information! You apply it and it doesn’t give you that flawless finish because of its’s composition. For instance, eye shadow is never pigmented enough and it spreads everywhere when you apply leaving you at risk of contracting an eye infection.


2. It makes your skin rough and bumpy. The ingredients get absorbed into the pores of your skin and that can clog your pores. Real make-up still can clog your pores but they are more reliable in terms of chemicals used as opposed to fake makeup which got urine and rat poop! This is also beneficial information for those of you with sensitive skin or their scene is prone to acne breakouts.

3. They transfer everywhere. Your foundation usually never dries down even when you         set it with a powder (It becomes thicker and gooey). During the day if you accidentally touch your face and touch other surfaces, it will stick on them.

maxresdefault (2)
Popular Kenyan YouTube Make-up artist Joanna Kinuthia showing how to fix make-up transfer.


4. Those that dry out dry in a way that is not appealing especially the matte lipsticks. Please stay away from those! They can crack open your lip and when they flake, you look like a hot mess (just saying).


I know, in this day and age, it can be difficult to stop using the fake stuff because real make-up is expensive and we all want to slay! Don’t worry, I got you!!Tune in to the next post as I give you pointers to identify fake make-up with real for those of us looking for the genuine items.

Remember where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Yours, Njoki!!!

Peace, Love & Light!





Hello lovelies!! Today is Friday and you know what that means??? It’s all things Fashion. I personally had a long week and quite frankly I am glad the weekend is here- time for some R & R, you know what I mean? Yes so let’s get on to it!

Today I want to talk to the guys, yes men- you need to be catered for as well and I am sure today’s read will be an eye opener for you to look extra great! So the broken suit. What is it? Why wear it? You may ask these questions.

The suit was widely embraced in the 19th Century but it’s origin are traced back to the 17th Century where King Charles II was the custodian of this invention. Yes, kings and queens are the people who founded and catapulted designs of fashion before the Industrial revolution. You can read widely about the suit in the link below:

Origin of the Broken Suits

Up until the industrial revolution suits were hand tailored and only the elite could afford such work of art. The broken suit became a trend in the 40’s up to date and the trend has been embraced more so now in 2016 as fashion has no definite style!

The broken suit is basically wearing a suit disregarding the rules of its adornment. Literally breaking the rules!

How can you wear the broken suit? I am about to give you six ways you can break a suit and still remain stylish.

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Hello lovelies! It has been a month since I last posted. I have been busy (No ,seriously) trying to think of new content to put up so that we can have something new. Don’t worry, it is coming soon and I am sure you will love it. We are trying not to make the Fashion Friday blog monotonous and we are also trying to avoid copying what other fashion bloggers are doing, so let our creative juices flow!

This Friday I want to touch on Breast Cancer. We all know what this sad epidemic is doing to humanity but we must stay strong and fight. So I won’t dwell on statistics that women are the most affected but we have to acknowledge that there are also men who suffer from the disease.

Part of loving fashion is loving yourself and taking care of yourself. This means, exercise, eat well and have a healthy mental attitude.

  1. Exercise

This is sang over and over again but I want you to think about the benefits of working out. I am not saying you get a chisel shaped body (Though it is a favor you would be doing yourself if you worked towards one-lol) but ensure you are burning some calories! Cardio workouts rejuvenate cells and make you look and feel better.


2. Eat right

If you are like me, you probably love junk food as I do! Yum! But seriously, this processed food is not doing our cells justice. It is literally a GIGO kind of situation-Garbage In Garbage Out, a reap what you sow, a karma kind of situation. I figured at my age I do not want some serious illness like diabetes or heart problems-yes even skinny people get those. Do not be fooled you are exceptional, your cells literally grow or deteriorate according to what you eat. Pop that piece of pineapple or banana. Go for juice instead of soda. Try something people!!


3. Mental health

I know, staying stress free can be quite the challenge in this life. I mean, it’s traffic, a thousand things to do at work or school , house chores, meetings…blah, blah blah blah blah. It’s like the twenty first century was made to make us die out of stress-lol. So this is what you do, look for the one thing you did in your life that made you calm and at peace. It could be yoga (I know..its done inn Kenya) , it could be church activities, or lunch with your friends, a visit up country, music, hobbies whatever it is. You have to do these things or else you go nuts. Stress activates hormones that distress the cells of the body and make them live in unhealthy conditions. I could go on and on about it.


Fashion lovers, fashion enthusiast, fashion consumers, lets take care of ourselves because we owe it to ourselves to stay healthy. We don’t live as long as our great grandparents because we feed our bodies toxic stuff and expect to be healthy. Its like begging in the streets expecting to get rich.

That’s it from me, enjoy life. It is way to short so get up, smell the roses (coffee might not be that healthy either) and live to the fullest. Laughter is a cure to your body.

Live. Love.Laugh.



Hello lovelies!!! You know today is Fashion Friday and we are super excited because the month is over!!! Time flies, I know but what better way to end the last Fridayof the month with a little inspiration and awesome clothes???

Today I will be highlighting a fashion designer by the name T.I. No, she didn’t copy the musician but she is uniquely known as Tuzo Iscah. She hails from the fashion school in Kenyatta University and is an outstanding designer whom I felt just puts the F- in fashion. She is super talented, super beautiful and has the charisma of a Vogue cover model.


So I caught up with Tuzo to find out what she has been up to of late and I would like to introduce her new collection too you guys. So please check her out, she is fantastic- I mean I have put a personal brand of exquisiteness on her. Order! Order! Order!! She does all kinds of designs with finesse and you now how I am big on quality and originality, and I feel she brings both to the table.

So I asked her a few things about what inspires her, to whom she feels are worthy mentors in today’s fashion industry.

What is the name of the new collection we see on Instagram and Facebook?? It looks absolutely stunning!!

The collection is called Flatter Your Figure and I am very excited to bring it to everyone.

Interesting. So what inspired this collection?

It is inspired by the modern day trendy chic who likes to try something new, flattering and confident. I mean she wants to step out there and be the topic of discussion when you see her.

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Hello Lovelies!!! I hope you had a fabulous week and the weekend is here!! Whoop !! Whoop!! So today I will feature a very awesome person I met while working at a shoot who has an amazing blog I would like you guys to read about!!

Nyawira Mumenya! I absolutely love this girl and I feel she speaks to the heart of the curvy girls out there! You know what I mean. You see this outfit, you wear it and all of a sudden you dont look as good as the picture. (Sad face).


For Nyawira she highlights all that works for us curvy beautiful women out there so check out her blog as soon as now!


Her website is Enjoy!! Check her Instagram handle @miss_nyawi and double tap!


Let us know what you think of the blog. Comment. Share. Inbox. and you can let us know what you want featured, what you want highlighted more on the blog and we will do the needful.

Remember as my slogan goes “Stay Fabulous this Fashion Friday” .

That’s it from me. Live . Love. Laugh.